Music Monday: Luckenbach, Texas by Waylon Jennings

After a couple heavy music posts, talking about my dad and my sister, let’s go with something a little lighter.  But not too light, because it is almost the Fourth of the July, and that means it is time to double the ‘Murica, fuck yea!

Thankfully, country music has never lacked for patriotic verve.  [/scribbles note to address a certain controversy around patriotism involving artists with the initials D.C. and T.K.]  So I have a lot of grist for my patriotic mill.  But, while it may not be overtly patriotic, there is only one country song intimately related to an annual tradition of lawn mower parade on the Fourth of July.

Sure, sure.  Waylon hated the song.  And, sure, Luckenbach is a fake town.  Which, yes, does detract from the song.  But a great song is a great song, and if a man wants to create a fake town as a vehicle for country music and Fourth of July lawnmower parades, well, that?  That’s America.  And Texas.  Which is like America+

Luckenbach, Texas is off Waylon’s album Ol’ Waylon.


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6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Luckenbach, Texas by Waylon Jennings

  1. Waylon mostly just thought that singing about himself in the third person was dumb.

    Songwriter Danny O’Keefe (Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues) told me, “The thing that people don’t understand abut Waylon: He took NO shit — but he was a very kind man.” Now that’s a worthy epitaph.

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