Music Monday: Beer Pressure by Bri Bagwell

Music Monday around here has been a little light on the ladies.  Like, mainstream country music light on the ladies.  That simply will not do.  Not when there is so much talent out there.  And it doesn’t get much more Texas Country than Bri Bagwell.

In a just world Bri would be a star.  She has it all—the writing chops, the voice, the looks, the stage presence.  But ours is not a just world.  Better for those who live in Texas and can see her on the cheap (less so for anyone who hopes to see her outside of Texas and New Mexico).

The genesis of Beer Pressure, to hear Bri tell it, is visiting her relatives back home in New Mexico (there is nothing more Texas Country than not being from Texas).  Attempting a quick visit was met with pleas that she stay awhile and have a beer.  I get the same thing back home, only without the beer when it’s my relatives.  It reminds me of holidays at the bar during college, and it makes me want to drive the 11 hours home right now so my people can put a little beer pressure on me.  Beer Pressure is very much a representative Bri song: witty, fun, and true.

Beer Pressure is off Bri’s 2015 album When A Heart BreaksRumor has it that Bri has a new album in the pipeline, but I don’t have a title or date. Bri’s new album In My Defense comes out on September 21 and is now available for preorder from Amazon!


Music Monday is the brainchild of Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek.

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