July 2018 Month-in-Review

Check out what has been happening over at the other blog, find out just how little reading I’ve been doing this summer, and learn what the top five posts were at Hillbilly Highways in July.

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

July was a good blog month and a bad reading month.  After reading fourteen books (not include two DNFs) last July, this July I only managed to read four books.  But despite a very busy work schedule and still being the primary-baby-taker-carer-of for a four-month-old not yet in daycare, I managed to keep both blogs humming.  I had my best month ever at Every Day Should Be Tuesday, including the most unique visitors by a wide margin.  I also had my best month ever at Hillbilly Highways.  I mean, it was only my second blog month there, but still, improvement!  I am no longer reblogging all of my Hillbilly Highways posts here, so if the new blog sounds like something that would be up your alley, please give it a direct follow or follow the Facebook page.  I will also be linking to the top five posts at…

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