Music Monday: But You Like Country Music by Sunny Sweeney and Brennen Leigh

Before I started the blog, I sat down and made a tentative list of songs for Music Monday posts.  A list of dozens and dozens of songs.  Mostly stuff I’ve been listening to for years, but now that I have the blog I’m discovering new stuff at a faster than normal clip.  I somehow spent four years in Texas listening to Texas country and missed Sunny Sweeney.  I am rectifying that in a hurry (I hadn’t heard of Brennen Leigh, either, but I haven’t started digging into her stuff yet).  The hardest part of writing this post was picking which song to feature.

But You Like Country Music touches on a topic I have hit on before and will again: a big, diverse, free, open society only works if we can tolerate interacting with people who don’t share our views.  Some things are more important than politics, people.  Things like country music.

And dogs.

Politics is important.  You should inform yourselves of the issues, follow the news, read books on history, current affairs, and policy, vote, volunteer for a campaign or better yet for a single issue interest group, and donate money for political causes—note that “argue online with strangers” is not on that list.  But it ain’t the be-all and end-all.  No amount of correct votes will fix a rickety civil society.  To do that you have to set aside political activism of all sorts for a minute and tend to your church, to your family, to volunteer groups, to civic groups, the PTA, and on and on.

And sometimes, yes, you need to take a break and blow off some steam lest you turn into the comments section come to life.  You’re angry about politics?  Sad?  Bitter?  You know what genre has great songs about all of those emotions?  Country music.  Especially Texas country.  It also has a tremendous capacity to remind us of our shared humanity.

(My next car will probably be a Subaru, mainly because I really miss driving a station wagon.  Maybe I will put a Reagan sticker on it both ironically and unironically.)

((Saxon Pub in Austin is a great venue, by the way.  I spent New Year’s Eve there a few years ago.))

But You Like Country Music was released as a standalone as best I can tell.


Music Monday is the brainchild of Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek.

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