Music Monday: She Used to Love Me a Lot by David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe is known for being hardcore.  He served time in prison both as a juvenile and as an adult.  He lived in a hearse after he got out of prison and moved to Austin.  He has an infamous dirty CD.  He dropped the n-word in a song on a regular CD.  He’s been known to ride a Harley onto the stage at his concerts.  He looks like an elderly Rob Zombie these days.

But he has also recorded some absolutely killer slow songs.

Not my pic

She Used to Love Me a Lot is my favorite of those slow songs.  It is a reminder that love may not be forever.  That last verse before the final chorus is a killer:

As she went out the door I heard her say
Yes I’m in need of something
But it’s something you ain’t got
But I used to love you a lot

She Used to Love Me a Lot is off Coe’s album Darlin’ Darlin’ and is available on The Essential David Allan Coe and elsewhere.  Johnny Cash also recorded a version in the 80s that wasn’t released until 2014.


Music Monday is the brainchild of Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek.

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