Music Monday: Telephone Road by Rodney Crowell

I took my first trip to Houston in high school to visit my dad at M.D. Anderson.  He died at the famed cancer hospital a few days later.  Fate would take me back to Houston over a decade later, and we would buy our first house smack halfway between M.D. Anderson and Telephone Road.

Sheffield’s Ice House on Telephone Road

I only lived in Houston for four years, but I left with a deep love for the city.  It is a working man’s city—a city where the guy you hire to fix your garage door can actually afford to live in the city.  And what is there not to love about a grand tradition of open-air bars that evolved from ice houses?

Crowell is one of those singer-songwriters who has been flying under the radar and putting out great work for decades.  Telephone Road draws heavily from his experiences growing up poor in Houston.

Telephone Road is off Crowell’s album The Houston Kid.


Music Monday is the brainchild of Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek.

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