Music Monday: Ghosts of Culloden by Clann an Drumma

Jim over at Frontier Partisans, a bad influence if ever I met one, has had me listening to Scottish music all weekend.  Specifically, Clann an Drumma’s album Order of the Stag.  This will make for a nice bridge, though, because I was just thinking that it is high time I talk about old-time music, which reaches back to the Scottish, English, and African roots of North American traditional music.

Culloden battlefied (not my pic)

Clann an Drumma is a tribal band out of Glasgow, Scotland.  Ghosts of Culloden is probably my favorite song off the album.  The battle of Culloden was the final confrontation of the Scottish Jacobite uprising of 1745.  (The battle of Culloden, by the way, may have been Robert Jordan’s inspiration for the name for Couladin, the Aiel chieftain who is his chosen one’s primary antagonist in the fourth Wheel of Time book.)

Order of the Stag is available at Amazon.


Music Monday is the brainchild of Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek.

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