New Music Friday: Songs of the Plains by Colter Wall

This is by no means a music blog, but my Music Monday and New Music Friday posts have invigorated my discovery of new music, and I have been unearthing a flood of great stuff.  Colter Wall is very near the top of those great new-to-me artists.

Out today: Songs of the Plains by Colter Wall.

(Friday Night Lights Friday will resume next week.)

Colter Wall is also, I believe, the first Canadian artist featured at Hillbilly Highways.  I’m a little chagrinned he beat out Allen Christie and Corb Lund.

I am a mountain man, not a plainsman, but “my heart it lies far from the east or west coast.”

Check out Plain to See Plainsman from the new album.


You can order Songs of the Plains from Amazon now!


Somewhere In Between by Adam Hood and The Eclipse Sessions by John Hiatt are also out today.


More upcoming releases:

Live at the Ryman by Jason Isbell – October 19

Southern Ground Sessions EP by Blackberry Smoke – October 26

Hard Times and White Lines by Whitey Morgan – October 26

Jumping Over Rocks by Jamie Lin Wilson – October 26

New Freedom Blues by Town Mountain – October 26

Christmas Everywhere by Rodney Crowell – November 2


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