Music Monday: Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers Band

I’m a hillbilly, but I didn’t grow up listening to hillbilly music.  My parents were rockers.  Lots of Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd . . . and Southern rock.  If Southern rock ain’t hillbilly music, it’s damn close.  Southern rock is working class music that straddles the intersection of rock, country, and the blues.  Like outlaw country, Southern rock hit right when the hippie subculture ran out of steam and the country boys started growing out their hair and beards.  The Allman Brothers Band were the great Southern rock band (yeah, I said it), and Whipping Post is their greatest song.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so I owe you something romantic.  What better than some of my parents’ music?

Don’t let the screaming guitar riffs fool you.  The lyrics are all blues.

Whipping Post is off the Allman Brothers Band’s self-titled album.  It is also included in their classic At Fillmore East live album.


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8 thoughts on “Music Monday: Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers Band

    1. I will tell you what I told Rick over at the Facebook page: I will be eternally jealous of you for that.

      My parents did a pretty good job. They took me to go see (in one form or another…): The Eagles, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Crosby Stills & Nash…


    1. One of my fondest memories is me and my dad driving all night when I was in high school to get from Robbinsville to Raleigh. We stopped at a gas station on the way out of Robbinsville and bought a Creedence cassette to listen to on the way.

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