New Music Friday: Guy by Steve Earle

The very first artist featured for Music Monday was Steve Earle.  How could I resist when he wrote a song called Hillbilly Highway?

Out today: Guy by Steve Earle.  Earle has recorded an album of Guy Clark songs as a tribute to his mentor.

It takes a lot to overcome King George.  These two statements will do it.

Jim Cornelius describes Guy as “100‐proof. Texas tough, but with the sensibilities of a poet. A drinker and a smoker of weed with the blue collar work ethic of a custom furniture maker.”

Steve Earle himself[1] says “My belief in craft comes directly from Guy.  I’ll turn a song over and over again until I max it out.  If you come up with a really complicated rhyme scheme in the first verse, you have to duplicate it on the second verse.  For Guy, it was not acceptable to slough it off.  He taught me songwriting as literature.”

I’ll go ahead and tell you right now that country music after you get past the Nashville radio city limits is one of the finest mediums of short-form storytelling you will find anywhere.

Check out a couple songs on YouTube:

Dublin Blues

L.A. Freeway


You can order Guy from Amazon now!


Honky Tonk Time Machine by George Strait is also out today.


More upcoming releases:

Hellbent by the Randy Rogers Band – April 26

Between The Country by Ian Noe – May 31


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[1] I got about enough whiskey in me right now to feel as cool as Steve Earle.

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