Music Monday: Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis

We used Forever and Ever, Amen for our first dance at our wedding.  The music video suggests it wasn’t a terribly original choice.  I don’t mind.  I love this song.  And the music video also suggests it was thematically appropriate given the venue for the ceremony.

Forever and Ever, Amen is good hillbilly music.  There is a reference to a brief, wild period in the singer’s youth before fully intending to settle down.  He doesn’t just talk about love lasting forever.  In a modern culture that glorifies youth, the singer explicitly ties his love to their future old age, expressing the values of a culture that still honors (some of) its elderly.

I was introduced to country music by my second grade teacher.  Randy Travis was in the original group of artists who introduced me to the genre (a group dominated by Alabama—it is past time I feature them here).  It was a good time to be introduced to country music—Travis was part of a wave of neotraditionalist acts making waves in the 80s.

Five years later we’re still going strong and I’m feeling good about forever.

Forever and Ever, Amen is off Randy Travis’ album Always & Forever.


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3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Forever and Ever, Amen by Randy Travis

  1. “Digging Up Bones” was my introduction to Randy Travis. This was about 1986. I was into The Talking Heads, The Police, etc., so I hated it. I appreciate Randy Travis now. His voice is pure and steadfast. A melodic bass voice is a rare, beautiful thing.

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