Music Monday: Whitehouse Road and Lady May by Tyler Childers

I’m not quite through singing Tyler Childers’ praises after flagging his new album from Friday.  For one, now I’ve had the chance to listen to it several times and can testify how great it is.  Two, Country Squire follows up Childers’ great breakthrough album, Purgatory.  So today I want to flag a couple songs from that effort (Feathered Indians will have to wait).

Childers is part of an exceptional surge of musicians spilling out of the hollers of Kentucky, joining Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Ian Noe, and, earlier, Chris Knight.  Remarkably, Childers is only 28 years old (he’s actually younger than Noe).  One thing that stood out to me listening to Country Squire over the weekend is Childers ability to change the tone and his sound from song to song without putting off someone who loved the previous song.  The former is easy; the latter one of the hardest things in music.  And he can do it within an album without hurting the album as an album.

Whitehouse Road

Lady May

Whitehouse Road and Lady May are off Childers’ album Purgatory.


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