Music Monday: The Gougers and The Trishas

My music bucket list isn’t that long.  I’ve done pretty well at seeing the musicians I really want to see.  But musicians die.  I remain immensely gratified I saw Chris LeDoux before he died.  And bands break up.  I missed out on both The Gougers and The Trishas.

The two Texas country acts share a common link.  Jamie Lin Wilson sang in and wrote for both, moving to The Trishas after The Gougers broke up.  The good is that she has embarked on a promising solo career, gracing us with a well-received album, Jumping Over Rocks, just last year.  But, man, The Gougers and The Trishas put out some good music in a short period of time.

Everybody Knows is off The Gougers’ final studio album A Long Day for the Weathervane.

Trouble About My Soul is off The Trishas’ debut EP They Call Us The Trishas.


Music Monday is the brainchild of Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek.

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