Music Monday: It Ain’t Easy Being Me by Chris Knight

Our long national nightmare is almost over.  Chris Knight has a new album, Almost Daylight, out on Friday.  It is hard to believe that it has been seven years since his financial crisis opus, Little Victories, let alone that I have been a Chris Knight fan for over a decade now.

My introduction to Chris Knight was, of all places, the John Boy and Billy show.  A widely syndicated morning show that plays Southern Rock is a weird place to find an indie country artist.  He talked a bit, which is weird for Chris, and played It Ain’t Easy Being Me.  That was enough to get me to his show in Charlotte that night and that was all she wrote.

Chris Knight gets dinged, including by my wife, for writing dark, depressing songs.  Like, though, has a way of being dark and depressing at times.  His music was exactly what I needed.  That first concert was not long after my sister died.

A lot of us can identify with the self-destructive sentiments in It Ain’t Easy Being Me, even if we (mostly) don’t succumb to them.  The writing is as good as it gets in country, poetry with dirt under its fingernails:

There oughta be a side show act
For freaks like me
I could be the star of the show wit my name on the marquee
In a room with a big red button that says ‘danger do not touch’
Twice a day I’d mash it down and you can watch me self-destruct

But it is Chris’ plaintive, gravelly voice in the next line that really sells the song..

It Ain’t Easy Being Me is off Knight’s debut, self-titled album.  It was also included on Trailer II.  And it has an official music video (the first pic in the post is from the video), although I prefer the audio on the version above.


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