Music Monday: Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie

Back in the day, unless you owned a song on cassette tape, you just had to wait for the radio to play it.  The pleasure in listening to Alice’s Restaurant was almost entirely in its rarity: you heard the 18-minute-long song on the radio exactly once a year, on Thanksgiving.  Now, of course, you can listen to Alice’s Restaurant on demand.  But I must encourage you this Thanksgiving to be a Walt Longmire, not an Arlo Guthrie.

For all the song is wrongheaded on timeless matters and fails to perfectly accord with the mores of [CURRENT YEAR], I still enjoy it because it is a lovely example of storytelling, and storytelling is what I value more than anything in music.

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One thought on “Music Monday: Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie

  1. We listened to it before Thanksgiving dinner as we do every year. I’m surprised it still gets played on the radio though given some of the lyrics. But yes…storytelling in the way few songs are. But it’s folksy like Bob Dylan so I guess it’s expected on that sense.

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