Hillbilly Highways is on Temporary Quasi-Hiatus

Real life commitments already cut my blogging time way, way down even before the shit hit the fan.  Now I am doing everything I already barely had time to do, plus transitioning all my classes online and taking care of no-angel most of the day since we took her out of daycare.

I don’t plan to stop posting entirely, but I also don’t want to possibly go weeks without posting without explanation.  Things are going to get worse before they get better.  I don’t expect my situation to change in a couple weeks, especially since I am in a position to more easily social distance than most people.

Posting will stay slow at Every Day Should Be Tuesday as well, but I expect I will post more there than here in the coming weeks.  Fantasy novels and country music have always been my escape.

I will leave you with wise words from the patron saint of tough people surviving hard times:

“And they’re saying that it’s gonna get darker before the dawn

But you can bet your ass I’ll keep the lights on
Keep my babies fed and throw my dog a bone
Cause I’m a bring it on, git ‘er done, don’t run S.O.B
Times are tough
But they ain’t got nothing on me”

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