Whiskey and Book Club ep. 1 with Andrea from The Little Red Reviewer

Between transitioning at work and taking care of a toddler most of the day, and the stress of watching COVID-19 chew through America, I don’t have a lot of time and energy for reading and less for writing blog posts.  The solution?  Avoiding the hard work of writing by recording a YouTube video instead, something that only requires talking and drinking (although the latter is not, as I understand it, strictly required).

Joining me for the inaugural episode of the Whiskey and Book Club ep. 1 is the inestimable Andrea from The Little Red Reviewer.  You might know Andrea as the founder of Vintage Science Fiction Month.

Featuring Oban Scotch and Templeton Rye, The Dark Continent by Scott Reardon, Kage Baker’s Company series, A Time to Build by Yuval Levin, the Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, Connie Willis’ Time Travel series, Deaths of Despair by Anne Case and Angus Deaton, Cormac McCarthy, Saints at the River by Ron Rash, and The Land Breakers by John Ehle.

Interested in appearing in a future episode of the Whiskey and Book Club?  Let me know.

Crossposted at Every Day Should Be Tuesday.

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