Music Monday: Pontoon Boat by Sunny Ledfurd

My 20s weren’t a great time in a lot of ways, but I had a lot of great times on a pontoon boat on Lake Norman.  There was a period where we were out on the lake almost every summer weekend.

Naturally I jumped at a chance to go out on the boat last weekend.  I do have to say that going on the boat in your late 30s with a toddler is a very different experience.  (I would strongly encourage anyone not to go out on a boat alone with a 4-year-old.)

Ledfurd’s song pretty much perfectly encapsulates those days on the boat (right down to the location).  You don’t have any hillbilly backroad cred if you have never heard a friend say the exact words “Hell no I don’t watch racing no more, ain’t the same since we lost Sr.”[1]  We shared Ledfurd’s disdain for the pretty boy boats.  And I may or may not have had a few misdemeanors, although inexplicably I avoided ever actually getting into trouble ON Lake Norman.  Well, mostly.


[1] Of course, the older the personal schism with NASCAR the better.  My mom would tell you that televising races ruined the glory days of stock car racing, back when they used to “race a little bit and fight a little bit.”

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