Music Monday: My Hometown by Charlie Robison

You guys.  I did a thing.  I just can’t seem to set still for more’na few years without my feet itching for those hillbilly highways.  Although this last trip might be for good.

Sort of.  I took a job up in the mountains I call home, but I gotta start work long before I can sell the house and get the family moved down, so I’m gonna be heading up and down those hillbilly highways between the Rust Belt and Appalachia every couple weeks for a spell.

I spent the first two-plus decades of my life in those mountains.  Since then I’ve done the full itinerant hillbilly experience—down state, Texas, Florida, the Rust Belt twice.  I haven’t lived at home as an adult other than a few month or two stays at my mom’s when I was between things.  Like every hillbilly who ever left home, I’ve always wanted to go back.  And like all those hillbillies, I had the same problem—finding good work back home.

So when the chance came, I took it.  It was all very last minute by academic standards, but I will be teaching at my alma mater, less than an hour in a half from home.  We aren’t quite sure where we will buy yet, but it will be somewhere in between.

All that time away, I’ve always thought of going back when I listen to Charlie Robison’s My Hometown.  I discovered Robison in college, long before I knew where La Grange was (the ZZ Top song notwithstanding).  My Hometown would work even better if I was leaving straight from Texas instead of after a couple more stops.  Charlie, of course, is talking about leaving Nashville and the big Texas cities behind to return to the Texas Hill Country.  My itchy feet notwithstanding, this probably is for good.

“So I’m leaving for the last time, Honey, I’m never more to roam.  Gonna pack my bags a little heavy this time, gonna head my ass back home.”

I won’t be any busier work-wise than I had expected to be already this fall, but I was already expecting to be extremely busy, and I will be tacking on a lot of travel time and all of the normal hassles of moving across the country.  My quasi-hiatus here is over, but you should expect posting to continue to be slow for the next several months.

6 thoughts on “Music Monday: My Hometown by Charlie Robison

  1. Congrats. It IS an old cultural tendency to pick up and move. Just been reading/writing about Kit Carson’s family following the 18th/19th century Hillbilly Highway — Pennsylvania down the Valley to North Carolina, across the mountains to Kentucky then on to Missouri. His took him down the Santa Fe Trail and home would be Taos.
    That poush and pull between roots and wanderlust is deeply embedded.

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