New Music Friday: TEXAS by Rodney Crowell

Along with Chris LeDoux and Charlie Robison, Rodney Crowell was one of my earliest introductions to indie country.  A buddy of mine from college came back from a summer internship with a record company raving about I Walk the Line Revisited.  Last year I featured Crowell’s song Telephone Road, from his 2001 album The Houston Kid.  I am happy to feature some new music.  (Crowell was also one of the young turk songwriters who would hit Nashville and provide much of the motive force behind the outlaw country movement; he’s been around for a while.)

Out yesterday: TEXAS by Rodney Crowell.

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SF: Devil’s Call by J. Danielle Dorn

Devil’s Call is one hell of a story, a bloody weird western propelled by protagonist Li Lian’s remarkable voice.

Li Lian is the mixed race daughter from a family where witchery runs on the female line.  She follows her husband, a former army doctor, to the Nebraska frontier.  It is there that something goes terribly wrong.

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Music Monday: I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton

Since I am foolishly passing up a chance to see him in the near future, it is past time I feature Chris Stapleton again.  His album Traveler is still #6 on the country charts.  And it was released in 2015.  From a Room: Volume 1 is still in the top 40 as well.  More than anyone I expect we will lean on him to save country music (although it will have to be an ensemble effort).  Now he just needs to get back writing and in the studio.

Chris Stapleton makes Strider feel patriotic

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July 2019 Month-in-Review

I forgot to share my July month-in-review post from earlier in the week. Check out what I’ve been reading and buying and which posts were most popular in July.

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

July was a busy month, reading-wise and real life-wise, if not blog-wise.

I spent a (lovely) week and a half in Canada (Calgary and the Canadian Rockies) and came home to a mountain of work and deadlines.  Much of it remains to be done even though I will be traveling again much of August (albeit a good bit for work this time).

A couple heavy months of reading put me in a position to make a stunning announcement: I am at a zero net change in Mount TBR for the year!  Now all that is left is to make that TBR number go down.  I acquired 14 books, driven by two one-off trips to bookstores.  I finished 9 books—not just matching the 9 books I finished in June but making serious dents in a couple doorstoppers that I didn’t finish.  I added a new section this month.  On my second…

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Short Review Roundup – Fiction edition

I occasionally run “short review roundup” posts over at the other blog so I can knock out a few reviews at a time rather than write at length.  I am running behind on my reviews here, and I recently read a few books that don’t quite fall into the Hillbilly Highways wheelhouse but that I think are worth talking about anyway.

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Music Monday: Whitehouse Road and Lady May by Tyler Childers

I’m not quite through singing Tyler Childers’ praises after flagging his new album from Friday.  For one, now I’ve had the chance to listen to it several times and can testify how great it is.  Two, Country Squire follows up Childers’ great breakthrough album, Purgatory.  So today I want to flag a couple songs from that effort (Feathered Indians will have to wait).

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New Music Friday: Country Squire by Tyler Childers

I have frequent occasion to shake my head and wonder how it took so damn long to get to one musician or another.  A problem exacerbated by an influx of ultra-talented young musicians jostled for a spot next to the old greats.  I am discovering great new music faster than I can get Music Monday posts out.  Tyler Childers may be the greatest discovery of the last year and a half.

Out today: Country Squire by Tyler Childers.

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