Monday Music: Favorite Albums From the First Half of 2019

I am not a music critic.  I don’t listen to nearly enough music, and I don’t know enough about music.  I mostly approach it as another form of storytelling, and the songs I pick for Mondays here are mostly to complement what I am talking about on Wednesdays.  So you won’t get a “Best Albums from the First Half of 2019” post from me.

But there are three albums released so far this year have really caught my attention, and I want to highlight them.  Surprisingly, none of the three are Texas country.  Unsurprisingly, one of the artists is from Kentucky and another from East Kentucky (otherwise known as West Virginia).  It augurs well for the future of indie country that all three are debut full-length albums.  The three are Too Mean To Die by Karly Driftwood, Between The Country by Ian Noe, and Seneca by Charles Wesley Godwin.

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Music Monday: Hank Williams’ Health and Happiness Recordings

I had planned to write a post featuring Hank Williams’ The Complete Health & Happiness Recordings on Friday, the day it was released.  I was short on time, so I just highlighted it on Twitter and Facebook and moved on about my day.  But I’ve been listening to it all weekend, and it is an absolute treasure.  I can’t let it go unmentioned here.  So on the day after Fathers’ Day, let us remember the granddaddy of them all, Hank Williams Sr. (speaking of fathers and grandfathers, I really need to highlight Hank Williams Jr. and Hank III on these pages).

The Health & Happiness Recordings were made over eight radio shows in 1949 to promote a patent medicine.  The complete recordings take up two CDs or three vinyl records.  This isn’t the first Health & Happiness Recordings release, but, judging by what’s on YouTube at least, it is the most high quality release.  Many of the songs are higher quality than you will find on Hank’s studio albums.

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Music Monday: Colter Wall’s Deadwood Music

Forget Game of Thrones.  A better HBO show was Deadwood.  (There are others better than both, but that is a conversation for another day.)  The show’s ending left many wanting.  HBO has finally returned to cap the story with a recently released movie.  Watching Deadwood: The Movie was my Sunday night entertainment.  More on my thoughts on the show ending and the movie to come on Wednesday (now up!).

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Music Monday: Hell Ain’t Half Full by Chris Knight and Methhead by Ian Noe

Something I want to do more of with my Music Monday posts (back now after a Game of Thrones induced hiatus!) is to feature two songs together that cover similar themes and subject matter.  Today’s subject is meth, and the scene is killing people who screw around with meth.

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Music Monday: Gone to Carolina by Shooter Jennings

Going home to North Carolina is always a bittersweet experience.  Sweet because it is always good to see family, friends, and the mountains.  To go somewhere “where I know I have a home.”  Bitter because it always ends way too soon, and I never get to see as many people or hike as many mountains as I want.

Still, a week in the mountains does the soul good.

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