Music Monday: Photograph by Charlie Robison

Our daughter will never meet her aunt, her uncle, her paternal grandfather, her great-grandparents.  Thank God for photographs.

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New Music Friday: Shooter by Shooter Jennings

Shooter’s dad is one of the all-time greats, Waylon Jennings (already featured here for Music Monday).  Remember those good old days?  War?  Protest?  Going to jail?

Out today: Shooter by Shooter Jennings.

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Music Monday: Dwight Yoakam by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers

Speaking of sinful omissions from Music Monday, my wife is going to kill me when she finds out I’ve gone two months without singing the praises of Dwight Yoakam.  But, if only to avoid having to change the subtitle of my blog from “Texas Country” to “Kentucky Country,” I’m going to leave the Kentucky boys be and show some love to my home state instead.

Sarah Shook grew up in a fundamentalist household, fell in with the right wrong element when she moved to North Carolina, and looks like a character from a country noir story.  And she kinda sings like Dwight Yoakam with a little more Hank and writes like Chris Knight.

Pic by Jillian Clark

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Music Monday: Beer Pressure by Bri Bagwell

Music Monday around here has been a little light on the ladies.  Like, mainstream country music light on the ladies.  That simply will not do.  Not when there is so much talent out there.  And it doesn’t get much more Texas Country than Bri Bagwell.

In a just world Bri would be a star.  She has it all—the writing chops, the voice, the looks, the stage presence.  But ours is not a just world.  Better for those who live in Texas and can see her on the cheap (less so for anyone who hopes to see her outside of Texas and New Mexico).

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New Music Friday: Lifers by Cody Jinks

Country music radio is a vast wasteland.  But country music has never been better.  It is just that you won’t hear on the radio the vast majority of the great stuff musicians—more in Texas than in Tennessee—are churning out.  Where, then, do you find out about it?  Here.  I mean, other places are better, but here too.  To that end, I will regularly feature Texas country (and Red Dirt and Americana and Cowpunk and Old Time…) albums on the Friday they are released (Every Day Should Be Friday?).

Out today: Lifers by Cody Jinks.

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Music Monday: Corpus Christi Bay by Robert Earl Keen

“That life, it is contagious, and it gets down in your blood.”

Corpus Christi Bay may not be as well known as big a crowd pleaser as The Road Goes on Forever (a great song in its own right), but it’s as pitch perfect as a song gets.  It’s as poetic as Byron, tells as good a story as any Texas Country song, and a deep streak of melancholy lurking beneath its surface.

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