Music Monday: Country Music: A Film by Ken Burns

I loved this documentary.  I am going to buy it on blu-ray.  I will buy the coffee table book.  I will buy the soundtrack.

It will be great for country music.  There are a lot of Ken Burns fans who just got introduced to a massive amount of great country.   There are a lot of casual fans who were educated on the breadth of the genre. Even for more serious fans like myself, holes were filled.

That works the other way, too.  I am now a Ken Burns fan and need to pick up another of his documentaries.

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New Music Friday: Sound and Fury by Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson declared months ago that his new album would not be country.  The New York Times describes it as “resentful, agonized, seething.”  The NYT also describes it as “high-viscosity Southern rock à la ZZ Top, with a potent rhythmic undertow.”  Good enough for me.

Out Today: Sound & Fury by Sturgill Simpson.

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Music Monday: Okie From Muskogee by Merle Haggard

Sunday will be the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest and most debated songs in country music history: Okie From Muskogee by working-class poet Merle Haggard.  Ken Burns’ country music documentary on PBS, coincidentally, introduced the Hag last night and will cover Okie From Muskogee tonight.  I cheated and went ahead and streamed tonight’s episode last night.  If you are looking for a definitive answer as to whether Merle was being serious or tongue-in-cheek, you aren’t going to get it.  Why do I think there is a fairly straightforward answer, when even Tyler Coe poring over the song for over an hour doesn’t get there?  Let me tell you.

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Music Monday: All Your’n by Tyler Childers

no-angel’s favorite videos include Baby Shark, The Wheels on the Bus, Farmer in the Dell,…and All Your’n by Tyler Childers.  A music video about a man suffering drug-induced hallucinations probably isn’t the best influence on a toddler, but a little good music won’t hurt her and I can use the break.

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