Music Monday: Desperate Man by Eric Church

I promoted J.P. Harris instead of Eric Church a week and a half ago, but I don’t want Church’s good work in the mainstream to go unrecognized.  I like to poke fun, but he makes music as good as anyone in mainstream country today (a low bar, to be sure).

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New Music Friday: Songs of the Plains by Colter Wall

This is by no means a music blog, but my Music Monday and New Music Friday posts have invigorated my discovery of new music, and I have been unearthing a flood of great stuff.  Colter Wall is very near the top of those great new-to-me artists.

Out today: Songs of the Plains by Colter Wall.

(Friday Night Lights Friday will resume next week.)

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Music Monday: The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Last week I featured some traditional Scottish music.  Old-time music or old-time string band music is a form of roots music.  In contrast with its cousin bluegrass, old-time is deeply concerned with preserving, reviving, and building on the traditional music brought to America from Scotland, England, and Africa.

I’ve always strongly preferred old-time string bands over a bluegrass act.  I say always, but I’ve only known the term “old-time” for about a decade.  Before that, I just knew it as the music I grew up hearing at events around my small, southern Appalachian town, played by an old man with a fiddle or a mandolin.  That, though, was music that was literally dying with the old men who played it.  Early in the group’s history, the Carolina Chocolate Drops spent much of their time to Mebane, North Carolina to learn from a 90-year-old African-American fiddler named Joe Thompson.  They weren’t just learning to make music, they were engaging in cultural anthropology and historical preservation.

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Music Monday: Ghosts of Culloden by Clann an Drumma

Jim over at Frontier Partisans, a bad influence if ever I met one, has had me listening to Scottish music all weekend.  Specifically, Clann an Drumma’s album Order of the Stag.  This will make for a nice bridge, though, because I was just thinking that it is high time I talk about old-time music, which reaches back to the Scottish, English, and African roots of North American traditional music.

Culloden battlefied (not my pic)

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Music Monday: Telephone Road by Rodney Crowell

I took my first trip to Houston in high school to visit my dad at M.D. Anderson.  He died at the famed cancer hospital a few days later.  Fate would take me back to Houston over a decade later, and we would buy our first house smack halfway between M.D. Anderson and Telephone Road.

Sheffield’s Ice House on Telephone Road

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