July 2019 Month-in-Review

I forgot to share my July month-in-review post from earlier in the week. Check out what I’ve been reading and buying and which posts were most popular in July.

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

July was a busy month, reading-wise and real life-wise, if not blog-wise.

I spent a (lovely) week and a half in Canada (Calgary and the Canadian Rockies) and came home to a mountain of work and deadlines.  Much of it remains to be done even though I will be traveling again much of August (albeit a good bit for work this time).

A couple heavy months of reading put me in a position to make a stunning announcement: I am at a zero net change in Mount TBR for the year!  Now all that is left is to make that TBR number go down.  I acquired 14 books, driven by two one-off trips to bookstores.  I finished 9 books—not just matching the 9 books I finished in June but making serious dents in a couple doorstoppers that I didn’t finish.  I added a new section this month.  On my second…

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February 2019 Month-in-Review

Head over to the other blog and find out what the five most popular posts were here at Hillbilly Highways last month and what I’ve been reading…

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

Man, it really felt like February flew by.  Like it doesn’t have as many days as every other month or something.  And it shows!

After 21 posts in January, I managed to limit myself to 15 posts in February (a few of which were gimmes).  Rather unsurprisingly, stats were down across both blogs.

I finished five books, which isn’t bad, although I acquired six.  I sacrificed a lot of reading time so I could embark on a grand rewatch of the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones in preparation for the eight and final season.  I already have my review of season 1 up and will get a review of season 2 up in the near future.  I am two seasons in, which wasn’t bad last week, but I’m traveling and falling further behind by the day.

Real life was very, very busy, but very, very productive, in February…

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