Music Monday: Corpus Christi Bay by Robert Earl Keen

“That life, it is contagious, and it gets down in your blood.”

Corpus Christi Bay may not be as well known as big a crowd pleaser as The Road Goes on Forever (a great song in its own right), but it’s as pitch perfect as a song gets.  It’s as poetic as Byron, tells as good a story as any Texas Country song, and a deep streak of melancholy lurking beneath its surface.

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Music Monday: Hillbilly Highway by Steve Earle

“Hillbilly highway” was the term used for the Appalachian diaspora to industrial cities in the Midwest and elsewhere and for the highways that took them there.  Hillbilly Highway is the story of a grandfather leaving the coal mines for work in Detroit.  The father heads back down that hillbilly highway to Houston for work.  The son and narrator rambles the hillbilly highways as a musician.

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