Music Monday: Life Ain’t Fair and the World Is Mean by Sturgill Simpson

We live in a mean, unfair world where sometimes it feels like the most outlaw thing you can do is ask a good woman to marry you and raise a family.

It’s been ten years this month since I met the woman who I join in a mutual pact of honest construction, so we took no-angel to Chicago to show her where her daddy asked her mama to marry him.  (The smoky bar where we met is long gone, sadly.)

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Music Monday: Michigan Hillbilly Music Edition

I can’t afford to buy half the albums I would like to, but when I realized all of October passed without buying any albums, I knew I had to pick up a couple.  I am just one in a long line of hillbillies who headed up those hillbilly highways to the Rust Belt for work.  With snow maybe on the horizon this weekend, I decided to pick up the—damned good—recently released albums by the Michigan Rattlers and Whitey Morgan, from northern Michigan and Flint, respectively, even if those hillbilly highways took them south.

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Music Monday: Telephone Road by Rodney Crowell

I took my first trip to Houston in high school to visit my dad at M.D. Anderson.  He died at the famed cancer hospital a few days later.  Fate would take me back to Houston over a decade later, and we would buy our first house smack halfway between M.D. Anderson and Telephone Road.

Sheffield’s Ice House on Telephone Road

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Music Monday: Last of My Kind by Jason Isbell

I know I could have gone with the better known song, Elephant.  Believe me, I’ll get to it.  But this is the one that gives me a pain down deep in my gut (like Tim McGraw in Friday Night Lights).  It taps a little bit into the cultural disassociation I felt leaving the country for a succession of big cities (albeit amped up to eleven).

I don’t know if there is a better writer out there right now working in the song space than Jason Isbell.

I tried to go to college but I didn’t belong
Everything I said was either funny or wrong
They laughed at my boots, laughed at my jeans
Laughed when they gave me amphetamines
Left me alone in a bad part of town
Thirty-six hours to come back down
Am I the last of my kind?

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