Music Monday: Side Pony by Lake Street Dive

It’s hard to believe I have quasi-successfully shepherded a tiny human through an entire year of life (well, a year after my wife did all the work for the first nine months of her life).  no-angel is sweet and silly.  Weirdly so, given her people on both sides run more to dour and ornery.  She is a mountain of a baby, tough as nails, and has the strong, careful hands of a skilled tradesbaby.  She is also known to rock a side pony.

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Music Monday: Life Ain’t Fair and the World Is Mean by Sturgill Simpson

We live in a mean, unfair world where sometimes it feels like the most outlaw thing you can do is ask a good woman to marry you and raise a family.

It’s been ten years this month since I met the woman who I join in a mutual pact of honest construction, so we took no-angel to Chicago to show her where her daddy asked her mama to marry him.  (The smoky bar where we met is long gone, sadly.)

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Music Monday: Michigan Hillbilly Music Edition

I can’t afford to buy half the albums I would like to, but when I realized all of October passed without buying any albums, I knew I had to pick up a couple.  I am just one in a long line of hillbillies who headed up those hillbilly highways to the Rust Belt for work.  With snow maybe on the horizon this weekend, I decided to pick up the—damned good—recently released albums by the Michigan Rattlers and Whitey Morgan, from northern Michigan and Flint, respectively, even if those hillbilly highways took them south.

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