Music Monday: Last of My Kind by Jason Isbell

I know I could have gone with the better known song, Elephant.  Believe me, I’ll get to it.  But this is the one that gives me a pain down deep in my gut (like Tim McGraw in Friday Night Lights).  It taps a little bit into the cultural disassociation I felt leaving the country for a succession of big cities (albeit amped up to eleven).

I don’t know if there is a better writer out there right now working in the song space than Jason Isbell.

I tried to go to college but I didn’t belong
Everything I said was either funny or wrong
They laughed at my boots, laughed at my jeans
Laughed when they gave me amphetamines
Left me alone in a bad part of town
Thirty-six hours to come back down
Am I the last of my kind?

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