Music Monday: Pontoon Boat by Sunny Ledfurd

My 20s weren’t a great time in a lot of ways, but I had a lot of great times on a pontoon boat on Lake Norman.  There was a period where we were out on the lake almost every summer weekend.

Naturally I jumped at a chance to go out on the boat last weekend.  I do have to say that going on the boat in your late 30s with a toddler is a very different experience.  (I would strongly encourage anyone not to go out on a boat alone with a 4-year-old.)

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Music Monday: Po’ Folks by Nappy Roots

I started listening to Po’ Folks when I was broke as shit in college, after growing up (figuratively) dirt floor poor.  I listened to it broke in grad school.  I listened to it broke in the real world.  I listened to it broke in law school.  I listened to it broke after law school (and missed a chance to see Nappy Roots live at a crappy dive bar in Roanoke, Virginia).  I ain’t broke any more, and it feels damn good to listen to it again.

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