Television: Longmire, season 1

Longmire is very much an old school procedural (with old school values).  That is its best trait and its worst.  The twisty mysteries of each episode are often over-compressed and would benefit from a bit more time to breath.

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Television: Ozark season 2

I was lauding Justified just yesterday (the entire series is now available in a blu-ray set, by the way), but Ozark is gearing up to give it a run for its money as the preeminent country noir television show.  Netflix’s yarn about a Cartel money launderer who sets up shop on the Lake of the Ozarks had a damn fine first season.  Season two ups the game.

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Television: Ozark season 1

There isn’t a lot of country noir on TV.  Justified may not quite be country noir, but it is more than close enough for a show that good.  I haven’t seen it, but Hap & Leonard probably qualifies (the first book certainly does).  But Netflix has recently expanded our country noir options with its new show Ozark.

Ozark is a show about a money launderer who gets in way too deep, a show about trying to muscle into new territory, and, er, a show about family.  It is very dark, and very good.

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