Music Monday: House and 90 Acres by Chris Knight

I was down in Oklahoma this past weekend.  It being my first time there, I was excited to check out some Red Dirt.  Checked the local venues, didn’t see much in the way of the regular Red Dirt crowd, but I did see that Chris Knight would be in town.  I am always down to see Chris again, even if it is for the seventh time in the fourth different state (once in NC, twice in Virginia, three times in Texas, and now once in Oklahoma).

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New Music Friday: TEXAS by Rodney Crowell

Along with Chris LeDoux and Charlie Robison, Rodney Crowell was one of my earliest introductions to indie country.  A buddy of mine from college came back from a summer internship with a record company raving about I Walk the Line Revisited.  Last year I featured Crowell’s song Telephone Road, from his 2001 album The Houston Kid.  I am happy to feature some new music.  (Crowell was also one of the young turk songwriters who would hit Nashville and provide much of the motive force behind the outlaw country movement; he’s been around for a while.)

Out yesterday: TEXAS by Rodney Crowell.

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Music Monday: Hell Ain’t Half Full by Chris Knight and Methhead by Ian Noe

Something I want to do more of with my Music Monday posts (back now after a Game of Thrones induced hiatus!) is to feature two songs together that cover similar themes and subject matter.  Today’s subject is meth, and the scene is killing people who screw around with meth.

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Music Monday: 17 by Cross Canadian Ragweed

Going back to your small hometown after you’ve left is a funny thing.  It is a significant theme in one of my current reads, Empire Falls by Richard Russo.  I’ve been gone for almost twenty years now, although I did three short stints during that period crashing at home.  I think I am finally past always feeling 17 in my hometown (and clenching up every single time I see the cops).  Having a baby will do that to you.  But with a roadtrip home impending, my thoughts are turning to my hometown and my old friends.

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