Music Monday: Hell Ain’t Half Full by Chris Knight and Methhead by Ian Noe

Something I want to do more of with my Music Monday posts (back now after a Game of Thrones induced hiatus!) is to feature two songs together that cover similar themes and subject matter.  Today’s subject is meth, and the scene is killing people who screw around with meth.

The first time I heard Hell Ain’t Half Full was in concert.  Knight joked afterward that he saw a couple meth dealers slip out the back during the song—rare banter from a taciturn musician.  It’s a pessimistic song, but then we tend to get pessimistic when we think about meth.  It’s also a song with the promise of murder behind it, and Knight has written some great murder songs (who ever said country music wasn’t violent?).

Hell Ain’t Half Full is off Knight’s album Heart of Stone.

My admiration for Chris Knight is no secret around here.  He is one of the patron saints here at Hillbilly Highways.  But Ian Noe’s Methhead exceeds Hell Ain’t Half Full.  Where Hell Ain’t Half Full focuses on dealers, Methhead focuses on the users.  It also has one of the rawest damned edges on it I’ve ever heard, and I very much like my music with raw edges.  It also has this almost folklore feel too it.  Noe is telling us a scary ghost story about fiends you can’t kill because they’re already dead.  I am really looking forward to Ian Noe’s first full-length album, Between The Country, out this Friday.

Methhead is off Ian Noe’s EP Off This Mountaintop.


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2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Hell Ain’t Half Full by Chris Knight and Methhead by Ian Noe

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