Music Monday: Vinyl Edition

First my wife told me what she wanted for Christmas.  Then she said she went ahead and bought it.  So I was free to buy myself whatever I wanted on her behalf.  I took the opportunity to finally pick up a turntable.

The trick, though, isn’t the turntable.  It is the record collection.

Vinyl is expensive.  It is the record expense, not the turntable expense, that kept me from buying a turntable too long.  So I need to be strategic in my album choice.  Basically, I have five buckets of vinyl to fill:

  • Outlaw country canonical albums
  • Southern rock canonical albums
  • Personal canon of my favorite indie country albums
  • Merle Haggard albums
  • Assorted blues/jazz albums for the vibe

I am going to (eventually) buy up every Merle Haggard album I can find (with an emphasis on actual albums, not greatest hits collections).  And obviously my personal canon is subjective, but I welcome suggestions as to just what are the canonical outlaw country and Southern rock albums.

I did go ahead and grabbed three albums so I could dive right in on Christmas Day:

You can find every video featured in 2021 for Music Monday here.

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