Celebrating One Year of Hillbilly Highways

It is hard to believe that it has been (now over) one year since I launched Hillbilly Highways.  It has been a richly rewarding year.

I am quite happy with the balance I have struck.  My rough rule of thumb is to strive toward two parts country noir, one part nonfiction, one part TV/film, and one part “oddments,” balanced against a Music Monday post each week.

A number of the posts are deeply personal.  They take a lot out of me.  The nonfiction posts are a great time suck.  But they are both immensely rewarding.  I am gratified to see that none of the interests I have chosen have entirely escaped your interest.

Read on past the jump to learn the most popular posts here at Hillbilly Highways over the past year.

Hillbilly Highways is also running 15% ahead of where Every Day Should Be Tuesday was running at the same point.  The success of speculative fiction book reviews should be no surprise given my existing fan base.

I have a lot of pride in the posts below.  I am even more proud of your taste.  There are zero posts below that I am ashamed of.


Top 5 Posts


Top 5 Fiction Reviews


Top 5 Nonfiction Reviews


Top 5 Movie/TV Reviews


Top 5 Music Monday Posts


Top 5 Oddments Posts

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